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Won’t allow Devaraja Market to be razed: Chamaraja MLA

Mysore/Mysuru: Chamaraja MLA K. Harishgowda, during his birthday celebration and felicitation ceremony organised by Devaraja Market Sneha Balaga in the Market premises on July 25, reassured the traders that he is committed to preserving the heritage structure of Devaraja Market and will take all necessary steps to ensure it is not demolished under any circumstances.

Reflecting on his childhood memories, he mentioned that Devaraja Market held a special place in his heart, exuding a sense of happiness akin to what people experience in modern-day malls. He stressed that he would not permit the demolition of this historic Market, which boasts a legacy of over a century.

Drawing a parallel, he cited the conservation efforts undertaken in a popular Market in Rajasthan, which serves as an example of systematic preservation. He pointed out that timely maintenance, including refurbishing the structure with paint and cleaning, would have prevented any need for demolition.

He encouraged shopkeepers to take care of the Market as if it were their own homes, as this approach would ensure its protection for generations to come.

The MLA mentioned that Chief Minister Siddharamaiah had previously allocated Rs. 10 crore for the conservation works of the Devaraja Market. However, some officers misled the Chief Minister, leading to a lack of progress in the conservation efforts, a fact that the MLA regretted.

Expressing his commitment to preserving the heritage of the Market and acknowledging the advancements in technology, he pledged to involve himself in the fight to save the Market                         from demolition.

During the event, other dignitaries, including Historian Prof. P.V. Nanjaraje Urs, Member of Heritage Committee Prof. N.S. Rangaraju, writer Bannur K. Raju and President of Devaraja Market Tenants Association S. Mahadev, also shared their thoughts on the importance of preserving the                                            heritage structure.

Various attendees, including Corporator M.D. Nagaraj, former Corporator D. Nagabhushan, President of Devaraja Market Traders Association K. Dinesh and traders at Devaraja Market Ibrahim Ibbu, Zakir Hussain, Syed Jaffer, Neelakanta, S.H. Murthy, N. Manjunath, Ravi Kumar, Subbanna, Nanjunda, Paduvarahalli Mahadev, Riyaz and others, were present at the event.

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