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Why Mysore is attracting more Investors

Mysore is a fast-growing city, and it is becoming a favorite place to invest by investors. There are various reasons why Mysore is attracting investors. It is close to Bangalore, the hub of the IT industry, and it also houses offices of several IT giants. The day is not far when Mysore will become the second IT capital of India. With a lot of infrastructure development and excellent connectivity via train, bus, and air, property prices in Mysore are all set to grow. So it is no wonder why Mysore is becoming the place to invest.

Here are the top reasons why Mysore is attracting investors:

  1. Good educational facilities: The education facilities in Mysore are good. There are many colleges and educational institutions like Christ College, All India institute of speech and hearing, Vivekananda institute, JSS college of pharmacy, JSS dental college, etc. These institutions provide good education, and therefore many people who want to settle in Mysore and for those looking for residential plots in Mysore, Lishitha estates offer residential land for sale in Mysore.
  2. Future infrastructure investments: Mysore is all set to see growth in its infrastructure. It is already connected with Bangaluru with a twelve-lane highway. Mysore and Chennai are set to be converted into high-speed tracks.  Good infrastructure and broad roads make Mysore a serious choice for investors. People are buying their second homes or vacation homes also in Mysore. 

For those interested in investing in Mysore, Lishitha estates offer residential land for sale in Mysore.

  1. Well-connected by air: In the next two years, the number of flights to Mysore is estimated to increase from fourteen to twenty-five. It is also going to be an international airport. This is one of the main reasons why many NRI investors are also interested in investing in Mysore. If you are interested in investing in property in Mysore, Lishitha estates offer residential land for sale in Mysore.
  2. A clean and green city: Mysore is a clean and green city in India. It has significantly less pollution and is covered with trees alongside the wide roads.

Mysore is the first smart city in India and this makes it the best choice for investors. Everyone wants to live in a city that is clean and green. It was the cleanest city in India from 2015 to 2020. 

There are many MUDA sites in Mysore. Lishitha estates have plots for sale in Mysore for those who want to invest in this heritage city that soon to be the IT hub.


Mysore is a clean, green city with good infrastructure and basic amenities. It is well-connected with friendly and nice people, making it a favorite choice with investors. Lishitha estates offer residential land for sale in Mysore for those who want to invest in property in Mysore.

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