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VVCE signs Cyber Security pact with ISAC

Mysore/Mysuru: Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering (VVCE), Mysuru and Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) recently signed a cyber security pact, an important step in terms of technology usage and cyber capability development. It helps in enriching faculty development programmes, cyber range labs, hackathons, National Security Database (NSD). Also, learning related to cyber security will be possible in small and medium scale industries, startups.

Prof. B. Sadashive Gowda, VVCE Principal, said “This is the internet world. The help of technology has accelerated the availability of information. In this context, cyber security has gained importance today. Also, the agreement will help create professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of the digital age. Today there are more than 35 lakh vacancies in various industries and the demand is increasing day by day. So this agreement has raised a new expectation in terms of creating skilled resources.”

“This agreement creates a unique bond between our organisation and ISAC. It bridges the gap between academia and industry. It will help to meet the needs of the industry, drive innovation and growth in the sector. We aim to produce professionals at various levels related to cyber security, creating a conducive environment for learning and development. Above all, it will help shape the future of cyber security education in India,” he added.

ISAC Director Group Captain (Retd.) Anand Naidu, who also spoke said, “In this era of cyber threats, advanced technologies are indispensable for safe storage of data and details. This pact is a symbol of the administration’s unlimited power to create awareness among students and enable enrollment in the national security database. It provides students with access to several career opportunities in the field of cyber security. He said that it will help in shaping a secure future.”

Benefits: This agreement comes as the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) is launching a Global Technology Centre in Mysuru. KDEM and ISAC collaboration will support the progress of NSD and Clean Exit. It also allows for the creation of talents in various divisions of organisations like Cyber Aware Netizens (CAN), Cadets, Falcons, Guardians, Lancers. According to government sources, in 2022, CERT-IN tracked only 13.91 lakh cyber security incidents. However, in August last year, a senior Google executive reported that 18 million cyber attacks were recorded per day.

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