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Voter Turnout app comes handy to know vote percentage

Mysore/Mysuru: In a bid to educate voters in the country and encourage them to vote, the Election Commission has been taking active measures. It has launched a new mobile app for the voters to see the real-time availability of voter turnout. This morning there have been more than 1 lakh downloads by curious people who wanted to know the latest voting trends in Karnataka.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store. It captures the real-time information gathered by the Returning Officers following which it calculates the estimated totals. It then displays this information over a user-friendly user interface in the app in the Android app.

Notably, the ECI’s Voter Turnout app, apart from showing the Android users an Estimated Voter Turnout for each State, also shows them the voter turnout in various Constituencies.

The app increases the transparency of information pertaining to the voter turnout in public while ensuring that the same information is available easily for the media.

Once the election is over and polling parties return, the data would be verified and final figure would be available on the app along with breakup of male and female voters.

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