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Vande Bharat train cleaned within 14 minutes today in city 

Initiative launched at Mysuru City Railway Station; Inspired by Japan’s renowned ‘7-minute miracle’

Mysore/Mysuru: The ‘14-minute miracle,’ a new initiative to reduce the cleaning time of Vande Bharat Express trains from 45 minutes to just 14 minutes, was officially launched today at the Mysuru City Railway Station at 12 noon. The cleaning began as soon as the train arrived at 12.05 pm and after the passengers alighted. 

Remarkably, this achievement was accomplished manually by drawing inspiration from Japan’s bullet trains, which are cleaned in a mere seven minutes. 40 cleaning staff were on the job today and they finished cleaning the train’s inside and outside glasses in 13 minutes, 53 seconds. Three persons were allotted per bogie, including the washrooms. 

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the scheme as part of the ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ campaign at the Delhi Cantonment Railway Station and simultaneously in over 29 Vande Bharat trains, making it a daily routine. In Mysuru, Divisional Railway Manager Shilpi Agarwal, along with other senior officers, launched the cleaning system. 

A notable aspect of the event was the staff donning clean uniforms with ‘14 Minutes Miracle’ embroidered on them. The demonstration showcased the cleaning process using tools and equipment while adhering to strict hygiene measures. Cleaning staff has received training for over a month and held multiple mock drills.

The ‘14 Minutes Miracle’ scheme aims to optimise the cleaning process of Vande Bharat trains upon their arrival at different terminals. This innovative approach, developed by Indian Railways, ensures a thorough cleaning is completed in just 14 minutes. It reflects Indian Railways’ commitment to efficiency, cleanliness, and passenger satisfaction, a note from the South Western Railway said.

According to officials, the goal of this initiative is to streamline and enhance the cleaning process of Vande Bharat Express trains to increase efficiency and ensure that the trains are ready for their next journey in record time.

 Currently, it takes approximately 45 minutes to clean a Vande Bharat train. The new approach involves three cleaning staff per coach working in perfect synchronisation to complete the cleaning in just 14 minutes, eliminating any duplication of effort and achieving 100 percent efficiency.

Indian Railways is committed to continually improving and meeting global standards, drawing inspiration from exceptional practices followed internationally. Japan’s renowned ‘7-minute miracle’ for cleaning bullet trains, famous for its punctual train services, serves as a model for this endeavour. The ‘14-minute miracle’ for Vande Bharat trains is inspired by the Shinkansen cleaning method in Japan, aiming to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of India’s rail services.

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