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Unjust denial of access to Maharaja Mantap at Lingambudhi Lake


I hasten (because of fast approaching Dasara) to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned the unjust denial of access to the Maharaja Mantap of 1828 AD construction located on the tank bund road of Lingambudhi Lake.

This lake is attracting thousands of visitors daily for morning and evening walk as well as tourists from local and abroad. The yet unopened Botanical Garden is another attraction.

The access to the Mantap which provides a beautiful scenery of vast placid water of the lake and a calm and quiet place to dangle one’s feet in the water during morning and evening walk is permanently closed without any valid reason.

For many years, this was the place for small household Ganesha idol immersion after the festival. The Mantap has beautiful paintings on its walls and pillars. It is an ideal place for Dasara tourists also to click beautiful pictures with birds and flora around.

With Ganesha Chaturthi over and Dasara fast approaching, I appeal to the authorities to remove the obstacles to allow access and also take steps to maintain the place for public use.

It is also to be noted that in the absence of regular upkeep and visitors’ vigil, this heritage Mantap is going to wither and fall by growth of vegetation which has already set in and covered the walls and sills of windows.

I hope that concerned citizens and officials of MCC and Forest Department immediately intervene and clear the vegetation as well as keep the place in good condition for tourists to enjoy.

– B.S. Shankara, Mysuru, 30.9.2023

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