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Unique Book on Mysore Zoo

Title: It All Happened at the ZooAuthor: Dr. J.K. Sunder RajYear: 2022Pages: 43Cover Page Art: Anita Murthy

A unique kind of a book about Mysore Zoo titled  “It All Happened at the Zoo” was published last year by Dr. J.K. Sunder Raj, a family doctor of our city. His claim to write this book was in his frequent visit to the Zoo to treat the sick denizens of the Zoo. But, how could a medical doctor with an MBBS degree treat the animals where only a Veterinary doctor is supposed to treat? Therein lies a tale.

Read the Foreword to the book, you will know how and why of it. In fact, Dr. Sunder Raj got into his father’s shoes. His father was also a family doctor and also a visiting doctor to the Zoo. After his father’s retirement, Dr. Sunder Raj took over.

The book highlights only the most interesting cases he had dealt with in the Zoo.

The book produced in art paper is well-illustrated and also contains some photographs.

A mini coffee-table book of 43 pages, it deserves a place in one’s drawing room. Since there is no price mentioned nor the address, the book must be for circulation among his friends. — KBG

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