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Unauthorised water sports in Cauvery River stopped

Adventure sports company, 60 engineering students sent back to Mysuru after Police intervention

Srirangapatna: Authorities from the Cauvery Neeravari Nigama Limited (CNNL) swiftly intervened to halt an unauthorised adventure activity taking place in the Cauvery River yesterday morning.

Over 60 engineering college students from Mysuru had participated in this event. CNNL officials informed the Police and the adventure activities were brought to an immediate halt with the Police’s intervention. The organisers were subsequently required to write an apology statement to the Police.

The incident occurred along the Cauvery River, near Arakere Hobli, in the vicinity of Mandyadakoppalu village, situated behind the Boredevara Temple. These students, who hailed from an engineering college in Mysuru, had been transported to the location by a Mysuru-based adventure club.

The students engaged in various water sports activities, including river rafting, kayaking, rowing and speed boating. As the water sports progressed, villagers alerted the CNNL authorities, as the water currents in this area are particularly strong and dangerous. Notably, conducting such activities at this location was not authorised by the CNNL and the Police due to the inherent danger posed by the strong currents.

Upon receiving the villagers’ alert, the Assistant Executive Engineer and Assistant Engineer from CNNL’s Bannur jurisdiction visited the site.

They inquired whether the organisers had obtained the necessary permissions from both CNNL and the Police.

The authorities learnt that the event had no permission. A heated argument ensued between the organisers, students and CNNL authorities when the latter asked them to stop the activities abruptly.

CNNL officials emphasised that water sports in this specific area posed considerable risks due to the presence of rapid and dangerous water flows. When the organisers persisted in their refusal to stop the activities, CNNL Executive Engineer Vasudev officially informed the Arakere Police Station and asked the Police to intervene.

The Police summoned the organisers to the station, where they were instructed to immediately stop the adventure activities and write an apology letter for failing to seek the required permissions for organising such an event.

The organisers and students were ultimately let off with a warning.

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