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Tourist spots at a glance in Mysuru Railway Station

Wall paintings of Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, Dodda Gadiyara are a big hit among tourists

Mysore/Mysuru: World-renowned Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill and Nandi Hill are among several prominent tourist spots in the State, especially in Mysuru and visitors can now witness these attractions all in one place, depicted as beautiful wall paintings at the Mysuru City Railway Station.

This artistic transformation of the station is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. They delight in capturing selfie photos with the stunning backdrop of these paintings on their mobile phones, creating cherished memories of their visit to the ‘City of Palaces,’ Mysuru.

The paintings not only showcase the grandeur of the erstwhile princely State, rich in culture and tradition, but also provide a glimpse of other tourist attractions that captivate the attention of visitors.

The walls of the parking lot on the Railway Station premises have been turned into apt canvases for various paintings, including those of the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill, the monolithic Nandi statue, Sri Chamundeshwari Temple and Dodda Gadiyara (Silver Jubilee Clock Tower in front of Rangacharlu Memorial Town Hall) to  name a few.

An additional attraction includes a painting of finely carved temple doors with a slogan in Kannada, “Mysuru paramparika nagarakke suswagatha” (Welcome to the traditional city Mysuru), alongside a depiction of the Railway Station.

Another entrance to the Railway Station features a painting portraying the Jumboo Savari procession that used to take place during the British era. Even the walls of the underpass leading to the Railway Station are adorned with  beautiful paintings.

Notably, there’s a replica of the Malgudi Railway Station, reminiscent of celebrated novelist R.K. Narayan’s famous work, ‘Malgudi Days,’ situated near the stairs leading to the Office of Divisional Railway Manager in Mysuru Division.

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