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Tourism Minister wants to renovate Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel

Mysore/Mysuru: Tourism Minister H.K. Patil has assured that the iconic Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel in city, built during the reign of the kings, will be renovated and revitalised and the State Government is committed to bring back its past glory.

Speaking to reporters at the Mysore Palace Board Office yesterday afternoon, Patil recalled visiting the Lalitha Mahal Palace around 30 years ago and being mesmerised by its beauty at that time. However, he pointed out that there is a significant difference between the old Lalitha Mahal Palace and its current state.

“As time passed, the Palace has aged naturally and lost some of its original charm, so it needs substantial investment to revitalise it. Crores of rupees is needed to renovate the old structure and preserve its heritage. The Palace Hotel cannot be refurbished like other ordinary buildings and it must maintain its traditional style and architecture,” he said.

Patil emphasised the importance of preserving the original charm of the Palace while reviving it and stated that this would cost a lot of money. He also mentioned that merely renovating just one room of the Lalitha Mahal would cost lakhs of rupees, indicating that a project of this scale would require a substantial budget. This Palace Hotel has 54 rooms.

He further clarified that in the past, many eminent personalities, including Presidents and Prime Ministers, used to visit the Lalitha Mahal Palace. However, in recent times, they have been opting to stay in private hotels and this could be due to the reduced charm and appeal of the aged Palace Hotel.

By revitalising the Palace and restoring its original grandeur, Minister Patil believes that it will attract visitors as it did in the past. The renovation is a significant project and it will preserve this beautiful Palace Hotel for future generations and make it a more attractive destination for tourists, he added.

Mysuru city houses numerous historic heritage buildings and their preservation and maintenance are essential. In this regard, Patil mentioned that it is necessary to conduct a study of these heritage buildings. He plans to discuss this issue with the Chief Minister Siddharamaiah and seek financial assistance for the preservation of these historical landmarks.

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