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Talk on the truth behind Manipur violence

Speakers say Manipur-Myanmar border lacks proper patrolling leading to drug trade, infiltration

Mysore/Mysuru: A thought-provoking discourse and discussion recently took place regarding Manipur, shedding light on the escalating political turmoil and violence that have engulfed this North Eastern State, thrusting it into the limelight. The concerns revolving around this ongoing crisis have resonated across India, prompting prominent figures to share their viewpoints.

The event, aimed at uncovering the underlying truth behind the violence, was organised at Gopalaswamy Shishuvihara in Lakshmipuram and was hosted by NaMo Brigade, Mysuru. Distinguished speakers included Major Motimala Gangome, the first recipient of the Defence Minister’s Medal (NCC) in Manipur, Dr. Urmika Maibam from the Manipur University of Culture, a recipient of the Kala Academy Youth Award and Chakravarthi Sulibele, Yuva Brigade Founder.

Major Motimala Gangome said that what began as a modest protest has evolved into a situation that commands the nation’s attention. She urged the people of Karnataka to stand in solidarity with Manipur, pressuring the Central Government while maintaining trust in the Central Administration for protection.

Dr. Urmika Maibam provided insights into Manipur’s complex social fabric. She emphasised that Manipur’s challenges extend beyond its borders, sparking discussions within India and abroad. The public’s perception has been skewed by media focus on the nude parade of women, overshadowing the underlying conflict between the Meitei and Kuki communities.

The Meitei community, despite wielding political power, grapples with marginalisation due to land issues and the drug (opium) trade. This disillusionment has shifted attention from local governance to Delhi, as the Meiteis yearn for renewed security. In contrast, the Kuki community, residing in the hills and reliant on agriculture, also faces the repercussions of ethnic clashes, she noted.

Foreign powers stoking fire

Chakravarthi Sulibele highlighted the manipulation of Manipur’s strife by foreign influences. He underscored ongoing peace-building efforts hindered by suspicions stemming from recent Parliamentary debates. Opposition parties voiced concerns, seeking clarity from Central Government. PM Narendra Modi responded, accusing the Opposition (parties who ruled India earlier) of betraying the trust of the Manipuri people.

Unfortunately, Opposition leaders appear entangled in pre-election political manoeuvres, diverting attention from addressing this crucial issue. This development raises concerns about prioritising political agendas over well-being of citizens affected by Manipur crisis, he said.

Speakers highlighted that while disturbances have been simmering for some time, their magnitude went unnoticed until now.

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