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Summer holidays: Rush at tourist spots

Mysuru Zoo & Karanji Lake will be kept open for visitors on Tuesday (April 11) on account of summer holidays to the educational institutions.

Mysore/Mysuru: The city is witnessing a large number of tourist footfalls. Visitors are flooding Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens (Mysuru Zoo), Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hill and Brindavan Gardens at Krishna Raja Sagar (KRS) Reservoir following summer vacation and Government holidays.

On the Government holiday on Apr. 7 for Good Friday, Apr. 8 for Second Saturday and Apr. 9 – Sunday, tourists from across the country were seen in large numbers at all the tourist spots in and around city. The summer holidays for most of the children has begun, where in children along with their parents were seen the most at Mysuru Zoo.

The Chamundi Hill witnessed over 15,000 footfalls on Apr. 7 to seek the blessings of Goddess Chamundeshwari.

President of Mysuru Hotel Owners Association C. Narayanagowda said that tourists from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and many other States have booked rooms at several hotels across the city. “Besides, foreigners have also arrived in large numbers. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to city, necessary measures have been taken while providing rooms for the tourists by collecting all the details of them and also bringing to the notice of the Police Station in the vicinity, where they are on their regular beats to check on a daily basis,” he added.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Mysore Palace Board Deputy Director T.S. Subrahmanya said that it is the Amba Vilas Palace where the highest number of tourists visit and next is Mysuru Zoo.

“In the past four days, these two places have seen the highest number of tourist footfalls.  A total of 87,928 tourists visited Mysore Palace Between Apr. 1 and 8, with 19,635 tourists on Apr. 8 itself. Out of 19,635 visitors, 2,330 students, 67 foreigners and 17,238 middle-aged people enjoyed the beauty of the Palace. Likewise, 10,262 visited on Apr. 1; 12,857 on Apr. 2; 6,361 on Apr. 3; 7,425 on Apr. 4; 48 – Apr. 5;  7,582 on Apr. 6 and 15,729 on Apr. 7,” he added.

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