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Stray cattle and street dogs menace in Ramakrishnanagar


Recently there was a report in Star of Mysore on the carcass of a calf found near the Sub-Registrar’s Office at I-Block, Ramakrishnanagar in the city. It was suspected to be a leopard attack, which later turned out be be false as with the help of CCTV cameras installed nearby,  it was found out to be stray dogs attack.

The area is full of street dogs and cattle. Recently,  there was a letter published in this column about pigs being rampant in the area too. While the dogs keep the residents awake during the night with their continuous howls,  the cattle have the habit of roaming around the area in search of feed, house to house, throughout the day. 

They also try to reach out to the plants which have been carefully nursed by the residents of the area within the compounds of their houses. They also freely roam on the very busy Outer Ring Road, sometimes threatening to gore passersby with their horns, whenever they are found carrying vegetables and fruits. 

As a result, mishaps are waiting to happen in the locality. Also, with so many dogs and cattle on the streets, the day is not far off when leopards will invade the area too.

The area Corporator, a woman, remains incommunicado and non-functional. 

I appeal to the authorities to attend to this menace immediately before someone gets injured or killed.

– P.L. Jothindra, Ramakrishnanagar, 3.2.2023

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