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Status report on Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway: Vehicles go around Toll Plaza to avoid paying toll

Use unopened service road to get back on Expressway

NHAI cites revenue loss of Rs. 65 lakh per day

Mysore/Mysuru: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has a new headache just a day after introducing a toll fee on the Bengaluru-Nidaghatta stretch of the Mysuru-Bengaluru 10-lane Expressway. Motorists coming from Bengaluru side are taking an abrupt left turn near Kaniminike Toll Plaza to the service road to avoid paying the user fee.

Only 10 percent of the motorists heading from Bengaluru to Mysuru are paying the toll and other vehicles including trucks, buses, goods vehicles, tippers and light motor vehicles are avoiding fees by swerving into the service road just before the Toll Booth near Kaniminike.

Expressway Project Director B.T. Sridhar told Star of Mysore this morning that the motorists are taking the abrupt left turn after a flyover near Christ University.

“After coming from Kumbalagodu flyover, commuters are taking a left turn just before the Kaniminike Toll Plaza. They are entering the service road to avoid paying the toll fee. After using the service road for some distance, the motorists are returning to the main carriageway and this has been the trend since today morning,” Project Director Sridhar said.

The NHAI had laid barricades on the service road as there is an issue with the land acquisition for about 100 metres. “Someone removed the barricades early this morning, giving access from the main carriageway to the service road and almost all vehicles are taking this road to avoid paying the toll. This particular stretch of the service road could not be completed following a stay order from the Court,” he said.

“The Court stay has been vacated now and we will complete the work shortly. Before that the unauthorised opening in the road will be closed in a day or two as it is against the law of the land,” Sridhar added. 

While only 10 percent of the vehicles are racing the Toll Plaza, all the other vehicles are moving on the unauthorised stretch. “This is causing a revenue loss and the toll collecting agency has to pay Rs. 65 lakh per day to the NHAI. As there is no collection, the contractor is in a soup and has asked the NHAI for exemptions,” he said and urged the motorists to pay toll as per guidelines since the Expressway is benefiting them.

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