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Selfie point at Hardinge Circle to create voting awareness

Mysore/Mysuru: To encourage voters, especially youth, to cast their votes during the upcoming Assembly polls, the District Administration and Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) Committee has set up a selfie points at various places including the Hardinge Circle.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. K.V. Rajendra said the initiative is aimed at sensitising the voters for participation in the democratic process. He said that this endeavour under SVEEP was aimed at enhancing the participation of youth in the elections.

He said the selfie craze was prevalent among the youth and hoped this effort would be instrumental in motivating the young voters to exercise their franchise enthusiastically in the ensuing Assembly elections.

He said that this selfie point would not only provide a new place to the people for getting their picture clicked but also disseminate the message of voting to them. He said this point has been purposely set up at Hardinge Circle where the density of the population is high so that people coming here could use it aptly for clicking their pictures.

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