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Sandal Urus Shariff celebration

The annual Jashne-e-Sandal Urus Shariff of Hazarath Imam Sha Wali will be held at the Darga Shrine of Hazarath Imam Sha Wali  on Krishna Vilas Road in Devaraja Mohalla here after Maghrib Salath at 7 pm on Mar. 18, according to Muthawali Darga O Sajjad Nasheen Mohammed Naqeebulla Sha Khadree.

Fatha Khawni, Sandal Paste, spreading of flower mat, Darud-o-Salam will be performed and emotional Duwa Shariff will be offered at the Shrine followed by Tabruk (Dinner).

On Mar. 17 (Friday) at 3 pm after Friday prayer, celebration of Jashne Eid Meelad-un-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad will be held and after Fatha Khawni, Darud-o-Salam, Duwa will be performed. Lunch will be arranged by the Management. For details, call: 98453-02996.

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