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Rohini Sindhuri issues legal notice to Roopa; claims Rs. 1 crore damage

Bengaluru: In a related development, IAS Officer Rohini Sindhuri has issued a legal notice to IPS Officer Roopa over her remarks and demanded an “unconditional apology in writing” as well as Rs. 1 crore in damages “for the loss of reputation and mental agony.”

The notice was issued in reference to Roopa targeting Rohini on Facebook and levelling 19 allegations against her which include corruption and other charges. Rohini Sindhuri said if her conditions are not followed, then Roopa will have to face Court proceedings.

 “The comments/statements/allegations made by you has put our client and her family members to untold mental agony. It has ruined her image in professional, personal and social life. She is spending sleepless nights as her moral uprightness, character and conduct have become the topic of discussion amongst one and all known to her and in the administrative/bureaucratic circles in particular,” the notice read.

 “Though the damage caused to the image and reputation of our client cannot be measured and compensated in terms of currency, our client, however, restricts the same to a notional figure of Rs.1,00,00,000 (Rupees one crore only). You have made yourself liable to pay to our client the sum of Rs.1,00,00,000 as damages,” it added.

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