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Repair signal lights at Javagal Srinath Circle soon


The traffic signal lights at Javagal Srinath Circle (near Institution of Engineers) on JLB Road in the city have gone defunct for a long time.  I have been watching these traffic lights, in view of  the safety of motorbike riders, car drivers, bus drivers, pedestrians and others concerned, but it remains to be repaired still. Four roads are connected to the Circle and vehicles often speed from all the four sides.

Since the red lights are not working, the drivers won’t get any caution to stop their vehicles. Luckily, majority of the drivers are aware about the malfunctioning of traffic lights and hence they move on with precaution. But what about others  who are new to the Circle? I don’t even see any Traffic Police deputed to guide the drivers.

The other day I witnessed an accident at the next Circle,  wherein a bus hit a car. This happened presumably due to the inefficiency of the traffic signal at the aforementioned Circle (Javagal Srinath).        

Hence, I request the authorities concerned to sort out this issue at the earliest.

S. K. Sathya Nayak, Mysuru, 20.7.2023

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