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Remembering T.S. Satyan

On the occasion of the birth centenary of T.S. Satyan, one of India’s foremost photo-journalists, the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), #22, Kasturba Road, Bengaluru, has arranged an exhibition of some of his great works. The expo, aptly titled ‘With great ease: The photography of T.S. Satyan,’ was opened on Aug. 12, 2023.

Born on Dec. 18, 1923 at Mysuru, T.S. Satyan is important for we Mysureans as a legend in his own lifetime and later in his sunset days, he came back to settle down in Mysuru and also passed away in his beloved city on Dec. 13, 2009.

Therefore, Star of Mysore is proud to recall T.S. Satyan’s achievements and his last days in Mysuru by publishing the articles written by Founder-Editor of Star of Mysore K.B. Ganapathy and its Managing Editor Vikram Muthanna.

Both K.B. Ganapathy and Vikram Muthanna attended the opening of the exhibition on Aug. 12 at 5.30 pm at MAP in Bengaluru where a number of friends and admirers of T.S.  Satyan had gathered.

Nagendra Satyan, son of T.S. Satyan; Arnika Ahldag (Head of Exhibitions, MAP); Abhishek Poddar (Founder, MAP) and others seen at the inauguration of T.S. Satyan’s photography expo at MAP in Bengaluru on Aug. 12.

The expo will be open for visitors till Nov. 20, 2023.

The Head of Exhibitions at MAP Arnika Ahldag, who addressed the small gathering said, “I am deeply moved by T.S. Satyan’s photographs and how compassionate he was as a photographer. His images are full of life and love and he looks for those brief moments of joy in the chaos of hardships. Somehow, he always manages to show us something that we don’t expect to see.”

Welcoming the invitees, the Director of MAP Kamini Sawhney said, “T.S. Satyan’s photographs breathe life into the fleeting moments, capturing the delicate nuances of human connection and vulnerability. Known as a photo-journalist and to celebrate his centenary, this exhibition explores a different side of Satyan — that of a photographer with a unique view and authorship.” —Editor

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