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Rebuild Lansdowne building, Devaraja Market in heritage style


If toilets can be built in heritage style, why not raze Lansdowne building and the Devaraja market and Maharani’s College building and rebuild in heritage style (façade) with modern amenities. The Lansdowne building can be built with several floors all of which can be of heritage style with the ground zero being developed as a two and four-wheeler (pay and park) parking lot,  public toilet  and autorickshaw stand (with pre-paid counter).

Similar initiative can be taken in the case of Devaraja Market. The commercial space can be provided to those affected by the building collapse on a priority basis but as per market rent and a fixed tenure with no option to sublet and conduct public auction for the additional commercial space for a fixed tenure.

Thereafter auction to be held once every 5 years for a tenure of 5 year with no option of sub-letting and only inheritance right for the remaining tenure.

The tenants must form an association (for a tenure of 5 years) who will be responsible for the maintenance of the building and the responsibility to ensure all tenants or occupants pay property tax during the validity of the tenure).

– George Rego, Mysuru, 24.1.2023

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