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Re-survey properties as per documents


With reference to the report titled “1.3 lakh property owners yet to take property cards”  in Star of Mysore dated Feb. 2, I wish to state that the survey conducted for preparing Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) was not correct.

The officers did the survey work without consulting the owners of respective properties and verifying the documents.

As an owner, my request is, the survey should be based on property documents. In some cases, some encroachment of property by neighbours should also be taken into account.

In our area, the survey was done three years back. The measurements taken were on existing position and not according to property documents. In our property, front to back length measurements was correct, but side to side width measurements was not correct because of  the joint wall which belongs to both owners.

I went to CDP office in Nazarbad, along with documents and explained about the issue. They asked me to apply for a re-survey. I applied for re-survey by filling the form. They told me the department officers will visit the house within 10 days. Till now nobody has turned up even after one year.

 I request the Survey Department to do re-survey according to property documents but not according to existing position.

– Dr. T. Raghunath, V.V. Mohalla, 4.2.2023

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