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Rain tragedy: MCC, MUDA Officers must buckle up

Clear encroachment of Raja Kaluves, check water-logging in Sharadadevinagar, Janatanagar, Ramakrishnanagar, Srirampura, Bogadi, demand concerned people

Mysore/Mysuru: The tragic death of a woman trapped inside a submerged car in a water-logged underpass in the heart of Bengaluru during torrential rains recently has triggered concerns among Mysureans.

Residents of several localities in the city have urged the authorities concerned to clear encroachment of Raja Kaluves (big storm water drains) to facilitate free  flow of rain water and avoid possibilities of any danger.

Commissioner inspects

Meanwhile, taking note of Bengaluru incident, a team of Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) Officers inspected Raja Kaluves and low-lying areas in various parts of the city. The team led by MCC Commissioner G. Lakshmikantha Reddy included Superintending Engineer J. Mahesh and several others, who have instructed respective Zonal Officers to take action.

Rain cause

The rainfall in the State is due to north-south trough, forming over north interior Karnataka to Cape Comorin and across interior Tamil Nadu at nine kilometres above sea level. Even before the onset of monsoon, it has started roaring, snatching the sleep of those living in low-lying areas. It is no more a secret that Bengaluru incident has kept even Mysureans on tenterhooks, calling for MCC and MUDA to take precautionary measures.

If taken into account the tragedy that struck during rainfall in the city in the last two to three years, those largely affected due to  heavy downpour are a worried lot. The residents of some localities still recount the pressing times they had to spend as the rain water overflowed partially submerging the localities. The localities are split between MCC and MUDA. The Officials of respective local bodies should show political willingness to repair the storm water drains.

Picture shows a rain water duct being constructed at Anandanagar in city.

Influential act

Some of the influential persons have encroached upon Raja Kaluves in the outskirts of Bogadi and the reluctance on the part of the officers to clear them is said to be the main reason behind water flowing into low-lying areas at Janatanagar, Sharadadevinagar, Dattagalli, Ramakrishnanagar, Lingambudhipalya and several other localities, the residents of which still feel the bane.

When a part of Srirampura locality was inundated, dinghy boats had to be deployed to rescue those trapped inside their houses. Taking all these into cognisance, MCC and MUDA Officers should pull up their socks and take precautionary measures.

Mysuru is a well planned city that dates back to princely rule of Wadiyars. The Raja Kaluves were built only to arrest the flow of rain water towards lakes.  However, there has been unabated encroachments of Raja Kaluves, due to which the flow of water changes its course during heavy spell of rainfall, flowing into  low-lying areas.

Nothing to panic

MCC Superintending Engineer J. Mahesh said that “The works are already been undertaken to clear weeds and shrubs in storm water drains and Raja Kaluves, falling under all the 65 wards of the City Corporation. Sixty five percent of the works have been completed by removing the shrubs and silt in the drains coming under all the four Assembly Constituencies in the city. No rain related tragedies are reported in the city for now, as steps are taken for free flow of rain water in all the wards of the city. There is no need for the people to panic.”

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