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Poor planning of civil works at residents’ cost in Vijayanagar


This is regarding poor planning of civil works by Mysuru Urban  Development Authority (MUDA) taken up at Vijayanagar 4th Stage, II Phase, in the city.

At first, the only accessibility to aforesaid area was the road connecting Outer Ring Road via KSRTC depot located in 4th Stage. Same was taken up for asphalting a couple of months ago. Meanwhile, a small drain bridge on the path had partly collapsed which was later noticed by the workers after laying stones on the road. Now, a new bridge is under construction which may take up to one year to complete.

Second, the UGD work was taken up last month in Cross Roads, wherein it was left incomplete due to poor workmanship causing damages to drinking water pipe, electricity and UGD pipes.

Reddish soil, which was left after digging the earth, is still lying on roads making it non-motorable and leading to skidding, even while walking. If it rains, one can imagine about the  plight of road users. Residents of this layout face threat to life, due to above said conditions.

Third, most of the street-lights doesn’t work, which further increases the risk. Even the                                                                    road connecting the layout to Ring Road has been lacking from street-lights all these years. But buses from depot keep plying.

A few of women residents of the layout are employed and use this road while returning home during evenings, which becomes pitch dark due to lack of street-lights.

Hope Star of Mysore helps to reach our voices to the authorities concerned, considering the situation of women residents of the layout.

– A.G. Lakshmi Nagaraj, Vijayanagar 4th Stage, 19.1.2023

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