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Plan circular bus routes before Dasara to avoid chaos


As the Dasara festivities approach, I am writing to draw your attention to a pressing concern that puts significant pressure on the road network and transportation system in Mysuru. During this time, the influx of visitors and increased local activities places immense strain on roads surrounding the Palace, Exhibition, K.R. Circle, Sayyaji Rao Road and Devaraj Urs Road.

One of the major challenges we face is the congestion caused by all city buses entering Central Bus Stand (CBS). This not only overwhelms the road network but also disrupts the city bus network, leading to extensive wait times for passengers. Consequently, people resort to using personal vehicles, exacerbating chaos in the city centre.

To address this issue effectively, I propose the implementation of Circular Bus Routes, a concept that has been previously discussed in SOM publications. These circular routes would provide direct connectivity to various localities, thus reducing the pressure on CBS, particularly during the busy Dasara period. We strongly urge you to initiate an experimentation phase for these circular routes immediately. Simultaneously, we request that plans for dedicated bus lanes and diversion strategies be set in motion.

The concept of a contraflow lane, as previously discussed in the March 20, 2022 ‘Voice of the Reader’ holds great promise to eliminate buses passing in front of the Exhibition. Additionally, we advocate for the installation of a lane segregator exclusively dedicated to buses from Hardinge Circle to Palace Gate. Given the approaching Dasara festivities, we implore you to plan ahead and conduct tests of these proposed measures at least one month before the event. This will allow for adequate assessment and fine-tuning, ensuring their smooth implementation during the busy festival season.

— Vasanth Ramu, Mysuru, 24.07.2023

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