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Photos of political party leaders removed, masked from posters

Mysore/Mysuru: Following the implementation of the Election Model Code of Conduct in Karnataka, the Election Commission of India has ordered the removal of all hoardings or posters of Prime Minister Modi and other political leaders of all parties, banners of the Central Government or State bodies in the form of any advertisement by them displayed at various locations including petrol pumps, Jan Aushadhi Kendras, Indira Canteens and others.

The Commission has noted that hoardings of political leaders crediting them for various initiatives violated the Model Code of Conduct which has become operational. The Election Commission has also ordered the removal of the posters, banners and advertisements issued by the State Government with the photograph of the Chief Minister, MP, MLA, Corporator or any other persons.

The District Administration has issued letters to various agencies like oil companies, divisional railways and others to ensure removal of political posters of all leaders. They have also been asked to submit compliance reports to the district election office.

 “The hoardings, posters, and banners of the Central and State Governments with the photographs of the PM or the CM at any place within the election-bound Karnataka cannot continue, since it is in violation of the Model Code of Conduct and will interfere with free and fair elections,” the Election Commission communiqué said.

In the Mysuru City Corporation limits, all the nine Zonal Officers and Assistant Commissioners have been asked to clear banners, wall paintings, and permanent structures having the names, photos and party symbols of all parties. The photos of former PM Indira Gandhi in front of Indira Canteens are being covered with a white cloth.

In addition, hundreds of wall paintings of Congress, BJP and JD(S) posters are being repainted and erased. Henceforth, if a political party has to put up posters or banners or wall paintings, it has to seek the permission of the District Election Authority and at the same time provide the expenditure incurred to put up the hoardings. The expenditure will be included in the final election expenditure of the candidates and the political party.

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