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No genuine voter should be deprived of voting rights


This refers to the news report under the heading ‘Over a lakh young voters in Mysuru, but only 40,000 in voter list’ (Star of Mysore dated Jan.29). It is indeed painful to know the apathy of youngsters towards the national cause. This is high time to find out the reason for this apathy. Moreover, the Government must look into the issue and find out the solutions.

Today, everyone is talking about their ‘Rights’ rather than the ‘Duty’ they have to perform to the ‘Nation’. Every one wants good road, drainage system and many other basic amenities, but they fail to elect a right person. This has made the elected representatives complacent. 

To address the issue, I suggest for the constructive role from the Colleges, which are information centres. Let the enrolment begin at College campus by collecting required documents. For this, authorities may arrange mass awareness campaign in College campus. Talk by the Returning Officer may be arranged, who can highlight the importance of voting.

Besides, general awareness campaign should be conducted at markets. The authorities should explore all possibilities like showing slides in cinema theatres, pasting posters behind buses and autos, performing street plays etc. AIR and FM stations along with local private channels should more frequently make announcements about the time schedule and broadcast at specific intervals the importance of enrolment in voter’s list.

Voters in general have to be impressed not to miss the opportunity to vote. Many do not vote during elections but persistently demand for the amenities and services as a matter of right. Non-voting must be made a punishable offence as in other democracies.   

In the meantime, the Deputy Commissioner, who is also the Election Officer, must meticulously verify the disappearing names of voters from the electoral rolls and such instances should be brought to the knowledge of the voter by post. Deleting the name of any voter without proper reasons, should be considered as an offence by law. No genuine voter should be deprived of his or her voting right. It is common to observe voters wandering from one booth to another in search of their names on voting day. This should not happen.

– K.P. Pradyumna, Srirampura 2nd Stage, 3.3.2023

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