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No air connectivity between Mysuru-Kochi will hit tourism


Apropos the news item “Mysuru-Sindhudurg flight serves no purpose: Stakeholders” (SOM dated Jan. 31, 2023) is one hundred percent true. Profitable services in demand were shelved and unviable services like this are being planned  without any justification.

Most of the days, Bengaluru- Mysuru-Kochi-Agathi  and back to Bengaluru in the same route was flying with premium booking.

A couple of tour operators  from Kerala were organising  sight-seeing of Mysuru and nearby places by conveniently connecting the sight-seeing with this fight. This tour itinerary  was a big success with the tourists from Kerala — especially among the elders. Travelling by air, tourists could avoid long and tedious road journey thus saving time and related stress and strain.

Also the flight from Mysuru to Kochi was of immense help to the people from Mysuru visiting different parts of Kerala around  Kochi.

Neglecting convenient air- connectivity between Mysuru and Kerala will have an adverse effect on influx of tourists from Kerala to Mysuru which will be irreversible in the long run.

With the night traffic ban on Dhimbam Ghat  section, the KSRTC has cancelled night bus services towards Palakkad and Trichur, causing undue hardship to the people travelling  to this part of Kerala. 

It is high time that  Air  India or some other airlines resume the flight services between Kochi and Mysuru and save the hardship faced by the  people who prefer to take a flight between Mysuru and Kochi.

– K. Chandrahas, Mysuru, 5.2.2023

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