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New cameras linked to traffic command centre

Top Police officers check the traffic automation command centre at City Police Commissioner’s Office

Mysore/Mysuru: The 50 new and additional hi-tech, high-definition (HD) and night vision Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras that have been installed at 25 points in the city including the entry and exit points have been linked to the traffic automation command centre at the Office of the City Police Commissioner.

This is in addition to the 58 CCTV cameras that are already functioning from various vantage points. All 108 cameras relay visuals to the command centre where giant screens have been set up for continuous monitoring and surveillance.

With the induction of 50 more cameras, the Mysuru City Police have an expanded network to monitor now. The project was initiated by former City Police Commissioner Dr. M.A. Saleem, who currently heads the Bengaluru Traffic Police as Special Commissioner of Police, Traffic.

The City Police are committed to providing safe roads and ensuring compliance with the laws relating to the speed limits for motor vehicles which is an integral part of this vision. Though there are very stringent laws, voluntary compliance with the same  is not very high.

This particular automation project was envisaged as an enforcement system that would improve compliance with the stipulated laws over a period of time and thereby making the transport infrastructure safer and more efficient. Accordingly, the City Police are leveraging state-of-the-art technologies to build an electronic monitoring and enforcement system that is highly accurate and coordinates with all stakeholders in real time. The system will capture violations at jurisdictional limits and visuals are sent to the central monitoring centre or the command centre.

Challans are being generated here for traffic violations and sent to vehicle owners after manual verification. “The monitoring is done constantly and the high-definition cameras are sending visuals to the command centre and are assisting us in preventing crime. Even undetectable cases like hit-and-run are being detected now and the perpetrators are being brought to book now,” City Police Commissioner B. Ramesh told Star of Mysore.

These cameras can read/ verify the licence plate number of vehicles and the system then generates automated e-challans for vehicles violating the traffic rules detected. Criminals and habitual traffic offenders will now have a tough time roaming Mysuru city.

“The system springs to action whenever violations are recorded with regards to speed, riding without a helmet, speaking over the phone while driving, one-way rule violation and signal jumping,” Ramesh added.

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