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Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway Ring Road junction widened

Length of medians reduced to enable movement of more vehicles

Mysore/Mysuru: The City Police have found a stop-gap solution to prevent the frequent traffic snarls at the ever busy Mysuru-Bengaluru Highway Ring Road junction (Kempegowda Circle) near Manipal Hospital. The jurisdictional Narasimharaja (NR) Traffic Police today started widening the Circle by removing and reinstalling the poles of signal lights, with the help of cranes, by about 10-feet away from the earlier spot.

The length of the medians stretching towards the Circle from all the four sides are also reduced so that four to five vehicles can zip past at a time, thus reducing the passage time of the vehicles during rush hours.

The 42.5 kms long Outer Ring Road of Mysuru connects Bengaluru Road, Bannur Road, T. Narasipur Road, Nanjangud Road and Hunsur Road, passing through many junctions, with Mysuru-Bengaluru Road junction being the most busiest one.

According to sources, the measures taken by the Police is a temporary solution as National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had proposed to build a flyover at the same Manipal Hospital junction to address the traffic bottlenecks, as the very junction serves as both entry and exit points of Mysuru.

It is common to see vehicles lined up to a distance on either side (the exit point from Mysuru side and entry point from Bengaluru side) daily, that grows by manifold during weekends and tourist seasons and turns more worse during Nada Habba Mysuru Dasara, with the arrival of tourists in hordes.

Bumper-to-bumper ride of four-wheelers, buses and lorries, repeat honking of vehicles and the two-wheelers snaking through every available gaps to shove up, testing the patience of other drivers/riders are all common at this junction.

It is undeniably the horrendous experience of many vehicular users at the tail-end of waiting for the green light to turn on, to wait for nearly 30 minutes, to speed through the junction, eventually with a sigh of relief.

If this is about other vehicular users, the ambulances that normally get easy way, with the concerned people paving the way, also have a similar woe to narrate, though Manipal Hospital is just a stone’s throw away.

All these and many other traffic issues had turned into a bane even for Police Officers, who are often at the receiving end of the public. Amid traffic jams, Police stopping the vehicles in the name of inspection, is yet another reason for the grouse of vehicular users.

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