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Mysuru-Bengaluru 10-lane Expressway opening tomorrow

Important project, will contribute to Karnataka’s growth: PM Modi

SPG takes over chopper landing and roadshow venues; anti-sabotage unit sanitises roads

New Delhi/Mandya: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway was an important connectivity project that will contribute to Karnataka’s growth trajectory.

The Expressway is set for inauguration by the PM on Mar. 12 at Gejjalagere in Mandya. Modi tagged a tweet by Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari who said the construction of the Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway, which encompasses a portion of NH-275, entails the development of four rail overbridges, nine significant bridges, 40 minor bridges, and 89 underpasses and overpasses.

“An important connectivity project which will contribute to Karnataka’s growth trajectory,” Modi said of the project. With the Prime Minister scheduled to visit Mandya and Mysuru tomorrow, a team of the Special Protection Group (SPG), along with top Police officials, inspected a few locations where the PM will visit from the moment of his arrival till he departs.

Security apparatus on high alert

The PM’s special plane will land at the Mysore Airport in Mandakalli at 11.10 am from where he will travel in a MI Chopper to land at the Karnataka State Cricket Association Grounds inside the PES College in Mandya. The security apparatus of Mysuru, Mandya, State and Centre is on high alert.

The SPG team has been camping in Mandya since yesterday and as per protocol, the SPG will take over the venues 48 hours before the PM’s visit. Entry of media and others has been banned inside the PES College campus and a holiday has been declared for the students. The SPG teams and the Police are rehearsing the drill to receive the PM.

All the roadside vendors on the road where the PM will hold a roadshow have been cleared as per the order by the District Administration. Shops and business establishments on the roads that link Mandya town to the Expressway have been asked to close during the PM’s visit. Roadside trees have been pruned so that the branches do not extend to the road.

The SPG team will hold meetings and will give security guidelines at all the venues. Route in-charges will be assigned their duties and high-security cover will be in place during the visit. The team will be in Mysuru and Mandya till the PM leaves for Hubballi.

NSG Commandoes

Another team from the SPG, comprising over 20 members, is scheduled to arrive later today ahead of PM Modi’s flight and the team will be soon joined by another 20 officers drawn from the SPG and National Security Guard (NSG) Commandos.

In all, there will be 47 SPG-NSG officers in the five-layer security ring around the PM apart from the highly professional and armed security men in black outfits who will accompany the PM. The outer layer of the protection will be provided by the State forces.

Before the visit, a team from Indian Air Force (IAF) that has expertise in anti-sabotage operations will sanitise the roadshow venue and the venue where the PM is holding the public rally.

The team will sanitise the places where the PM will visit and take over the venues under their control. This team will be supported by dog squads and bomb squads, metal detector teams and explosive experts. The main route that will be taken by the PM’s cavalcade, alternative routes and other route options will be checked.

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