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Mishap waiting to happen on Vishwamanava Double Road


Sudeep, a 24-year-old youth who was working as a service engineer at a service centre of a firm dealing with washing machine, was seriously injured after a huge branch of a dried tree fell on him at Gokulam on Jan. 13, 2022.

Even though he wore a quality helmet, he sustained serious injuries affecting his brain and was in coma for several months. Hospital bill came up to Rs. 12 lakh. It is not known whether he recovered or not later.

Now, a similar mishap is waiting to happen near the divider on Vishwamanava Double Road, opposite Hotel Nalpak junction in Saraswathipuram, where another big dried Gulmohar tree can be seen. Every day thousands of people pass under this tree.

In Kannada there is a saying, ‘Thappu Madodu Sahaja, Thidi Nadeyonu Manuja.’ But our MCC seems to have not learnt any lesson from the previous      incident.

Even though Forest Department is responsible towards the maintenance of trees, it is the whole and sole responsibility of MCC to clear dead and dried trees from public places and save the precious lives of citizens.

Being a responsible citizen of Mysuru, I am writing this letter to draw the attention of MCC.

– Manjunath Basrur, Railway Layout, Bogadi, 6.1.2023

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