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Metal angles stolen from 240 electric poles on Expressway: Restoration, brazing works begin to prevent thefts

CESC forms Task Force to coordinate with NHAI on all electricity-related issues

Mysore/Mysuru: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has finally begun the task of restoring electricity poles that were vandalised on the 10-lane Access-Controlled Expressway between Mysuru and Bengaluru (NH-275). The works began last evening.

This comes after two reports in Star of Mysore — first dated January 30 titled ‘25-ft. tall electric poles sway dangerously as thieves steal horizontal metal bars’ highlighting how thieves have stolen over 240 stainless-steel angles (metal bars) fixed on the electric poles and second dated Feb. 3 on the visit of a team of Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (CESC) led by its Managing Director Jayavibhavaswamy — ‘Metal angles stolen from 240 electric poles: CESC asks NHAI to ensure public safety on Expressway’.  

Even the Mandya District In-Charge Secretary Jayaram Swaroop has instructed the NHAI to rectify the stolen angles according to the technical guidance and specifications of CESC and make it safe for the public before handing over the electrical properties for maintenance.

Starting last evening, the NHAI workers, contractors and officers have begun rectifying the poles. New angles are being fixed on poles that are at the height of 60 ft. where over 30 ft. of metal angles have been stolen from the Srirangapatna stretch to Ramanagara on NH-275. Workers were seen welding the metal angles and after welding, even brazing is being done, making it impossible for thieves to steal.

Expressing happiness over the NHAI’s immediate rectifying measures, Superintending Engineer (Mandya Circle) Krishnamurthy told Star of Mysore that the issue is getting resolved thanks to media attention and also the NHAI’s prompt response.

“Our main intention is to ensure public welfare and public safety. The NHAI has begun the work at eight to nine places in Srirangapatna. If the NHAI had delayed the matter, it would have been unsafe to travel on the beautifully built road. In fact, the NHAI must lodge a Police complaint regarding the theft,” he added.

CESC MD Jayavibhavaswamy has formed a Task Force and has named Krishnamurthy as the head to coordinate with the NHAI regarding all power-related aspects of the Highway. “The intention of the Task Force is speedy redressal of the issues and eliminating hierarchies with a single point of contact. There will be direct communication between the NHAI and the CESC through the Task Force and speedy decisions will be taken,” Krishnamurthy said.

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