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Mayor has no moral right to question meeting cancellation: Ex-Mayor

Mysore/Mysuru: Former Mayor and Congress Corporator Ayub Khan has criticised Mayor Shivakumar, stating that he lacks the moral authority to question the MCC (Mysuru City Corporation) Commissioner for the postponement of the MCC Council meeting initially scheduled for Aug. 31.

During a press conference held at his office in the MCC premises yesterday, Ayub Khan addressed the recent comments made by MP Pratap Simha and Mayor Shivakumar, who raised concerns about the sudden postponement of the Aug. 31 MCC Council meeting.

Ayub Khan pointed out several instances where the Mayor had previously postponed meetings without valid reasons and questioned the Mayor’s credibility in this matter.

He highlighted that the Mayor had governed the MCC for over eight months in the absence of Standing Committees and had even abruptly exited a meeting when the issue of Standing Committees was on the agenda. Ayub Khan questioned whether the Mayor had conveniently forgotten these actions.

Ayub Khan also raised questions about the Mayor’s silence regarding the Greater Mysuru Plan for approximately eight months and wondered why Mayor Shivakumar and MP Pratap Simha chose to address this issue while the BJP was in power. Congress leaders Arif Hussain, Pushpalatha Jagannath, C. Sridhar and Syed Hazrathullah were present.

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