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Marking wrong finger with indelible ink raises brows!

Mysore/Mysuru: Election officers at many polling booths in Mysuru might face action since they applied the indelible ink on the right forefinger of many voters instead of the left forefinger. 

The DC, who is also the District Electoral Officer, had said that the marking would be on the left hand forefinger.

Even Varuna Congress candidate and former CM Siddharamaiah was marked on his right forefinger instead of his left forefinger. Soon after casting his vote, the former CM, who also looked confused and unaware of the rule, displayed his inked right forefinger with pomp, which surprised many reporters.

However, his MLA son Dr. Yathindra Siddharamaiah, who also cast his vote in the same polling booth, had his left forefinger marked, as per practice. There were many other such instances of faux pas reported from across the district and the electorate was left wondering whether the rules are strictly followed by the poll authorities.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, some senior election officers admitted that it was a mistake. “The official should have applied the ink on the left forefinger. As per rule, if there is any problem on the left forefinger, the ink could be applied on the other fingers of the left hand,” said an officer, on condition of anonymity.

In the past elections, the Election Commission had ordered probes where voters were marked on wrong fingers (middle finger for example). The Election Commission’s instructions are, first it should be the left-hand forefinger or the next finger or the next. If not, one can go for the right hand.

Even if it is not deliberate, it shows the ignorance of the official which shows he had not taken training seriously. It comes under dereliction of duty, the officer added.

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