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‘Madilu’ programme benefits 9,200 pregnant women in KR Constituency

Mysore/Mysuru: Mysuru’s KR Constituency has become one of the model Constituencies in the State when it comes to the implementation of Government Social Welfare Schemes.

“About 9,200 pregnant women of KR Constituency have become the beneficiaries of State Government’s ‘Madilu’ programme,” said KR MLA S.A. Ramdas while inaugurating ‘Yogakshema Yatra’ in Ward Number 64 at Ganapathi Temple premises, near Vivekanandanagar on Friday last.

“I have the opportunity of serving the pregnant women. So far, 8,800 pregnant women have become the beneficiaries of ‘Madilu’ programme and on Saturday, another 400 will be covered. The programme is being held every six months,” said the MLA.

Stating that the voters of KR Constituency are observing the various development works that are being carried out, Ramdas said that the Prime Minister and Chief Minister have appreciated the implementation of many social welfare programmes, which have encouraged me. Seth Mohandas Tulsidas (SMT) Hospital  and Jayanagar Hospital have been transformed like a private hospital. Jayanagar Hospital has won an award of Rs. 36 lakh from Union Government for better service and management, which is a matter of pride,” added Ramdas.

Apart from public service, a Rehabilitation Centre for street dogs and monkeys has been set up and it will be inaugurated on Mar. 25.

Maximum number of works have been executed during the last 5 years and KR has become the number one Constituency in the entire State, concluded MLA Ramdas.

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