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Local flavour in Chamaraja with native leaders battling it out 

Mysore/Mysuru: The Chamaraja Constituency has become a battleground for leaders hailing from K.G. Koppal (Kannegowdana Koppal), one of the most densely populated areas of the city, with candidates from all three major parties — BJP, Congress, and JD(S) — being natives of the locality.

The sitting MLA and BJP candidate L. Nagendra, Congress candidate K. Harish Gowda and JD(S) candidate H.K. Ramesh were all raised in K.G. Koppal, also known as the locality of Pailwans (wrestlers). Nagendra and Harish Gowda spent their childhood at K.G. Koppal’s wrestling centres, while the grandmother’s residence of JD(S) candidate Ramesh is situated in the area.

 The residents of K.G. Koppal, one of the oldest localities in the city, are pleased that all three major party candidates come from their locality. While the battle for the Chamaraja seat is primarily between these three candidates, locals take pride in the fact that whichever candidate wins, they will be from their area.

They believe that only one of these three candidates has a real chance of winning the Constituency, with little opportunity for candidates from other parties or independent candidates in the running.

Located in the heart of the city, K.G. Koppal combines both urban and rural characteristics, making it a semi-urban village. Although it has an urban outlook, the area still retains its rural roots, with activities such as milk production, dairying, wrestling and performances of mythological plays being prevalent. The locality continues to celebrate traditional festivals like Goddess Chamundeshwari Ammanavaru and Gramadevathe (village deity) with great enthusiasm.

 Looking back at the history of candidates who have contested from Chamaraja, the Constituency has been represented in the past by notable personalities such as K. Puttaswamy, B.N. Kengegowda, H. Kempegowda, K. Kempeeregowda, P.M. Chikka-boraiah, K. Harshakumargowda, H.S. Shankaralingegowda, Vasu, and now Nagendra.

Shankaralingegowda holds the record for representing the Constituency for four consecutive terms as a BJP MLA. While BJP candidate Nagendra and Congress candidate Harish Gowda do not come from a political family background, JD(S) candidate Ramesh, who is the eldest of the three candidates, is the son of the late H. Kempegowda, a former MLA who won from the Constituency on a Janata Party ticket in 1983.

As the political battle heats up for the May 10 Assembly polls, it remains to be seen which of the three prominent candidates from K.G. Koppal will win the Chamaraja seat, which also features candidates from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), SUCI, KRS, BSP, and other parties.

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