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Lighten the burden of toll on Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway


With the completion of the Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway, travelling has become a delightful experience. The 118-km journey feels effortless and the seamless connectivity is truly commendable. However, one concern that needs attention is the lack of rest areas or refreshment spots along the way, which I hope will be addressed in due course.

Currently, the toll for a car amount to Rs. 320 for a one-way trip and Rs. 485 for a round trip on the same day. Many find these toll charges exorbitantly high and unacceptable. It would be more reasonable if they don’t charge for both ways when a motorist is returning on the same day. Alternatively, the toll charge could be based on the number of kilometres travelled, which might be a fairer approach.

Due to the high toll charges, some motorists are taking the exit before the toll booth and re-entering the Expressway after passing the toll booth. This has led to a loss of revenue for the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).

To address this issue, I suggest having only one toll booth at the exit point and all other exit points, except for the city exits, should be closed. The roads from these exits should be connected outside the exit points, leading to the city road. This will not only prevent revenue loss but also encourage a more efficient flow of traffic.

As the toll collection is expected to continue for years, the NHAI should carefully consider whether a lighter toll would attract more vehicles on the road, leading to higher overall collections. On the other hand, a heavier toll might deter motorists from using the Expressway. Striking the right balance is crucial and the decision ultimately lies with the NHAI.

– Dr. M. Premanath, Srirampura II stage, 1.8.2023

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