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Keep strict vigil on motorists using high beam lights


Most of the two-wheeler riders using high beam headlights in vehicles has become a menace in Mysuru, which is going on unabated. Don’t they care about the trouble the oncoming motorists face? One goes blind as the intensity of bulbs being used are high and beyond permissible limits and specially the halogen version which are worst. The complaint that roads aren’t good is not at all a reason as the low beam head lights are quite sufficient to get good view of roads.

I still remember, during 2014 or so, when Dr. M.A. Saleem as Police Commissioner had enforced use of low beam headlights in Mysuru by strict vigilance and a nominal fine of Rs.100 on violators. Why don’t the present Traffic Police authorities implement this rule? This apparently helps senior citizens on wheels and makes evening drive comfortable. Hope this plea falls on right ears and motorists have a hassle-free drive.

– L. Arun Pandit, Vijayanagar 1st Stage, 14.3.2023

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