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Jatti Vishnu Balaji of Dasara ‘Vajramushti Kalaga’ passes away

Mysore/Mysuru: Jatti Vishnu Balaji (23), who had participated in ‘Vajramushti Kalaga’ (traditional form of wrestling) during Mysuru Dasara, passed away following a heart attack in city yesterday.

He leaves behind his father Tiger Bajali, mother, brother and a host of relatives and friends.

Last rites were performed at the foot of Chamundi Hill yesterday evening, according to family sources.

Vishnu’s father Tiger Balaji was participating in ‘Vajramushti Kalaga’ being held by the Mysore royal family on Vijayadashami Day at the Palace premises since many years and in recent years, he was involved in pairing of wrestlers and as a Jasbandi (referee) during ‘Vajramushti Kalaga.’

After Tiger Balaji stopped taking part in the fights, he had trained his son Vishnu Balaji and Vishnu had taken part in the ‘Vajramushti Kalaga’ during 2022 Dasara Mahotsav.

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