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Is Indore Express really serving passengers?


This is not a first incident. The performance of Indian Railways is poor at several places and a lot of coordination is required. These are all small actions which can be taken at station-level but Railways never bothered about passenger convenience.

Recently I travelled from Yesvantpur to Kacheguda in Indore Express. This train after coming from Indore will be cleaned at the platform, but no time was given. The train started at 3.30 pm and reached Kacheguda at 3.15 am. It is scheduled to reach Indore next day at 2.30 am. What purpose is it serving?
This train can be a pilot or duplicate of Mysuru-Kacheguda and go at an interval of 30 minutes. It is very difficult to get tickets in Mysuru-Kacheguda train. At least it will give relief to the passengers and reach Indore in the morning.

Nobody thinks on this line. Railways think of only their operational convenience to fit such trains in the gap.

— R. Ravi

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