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Head out to these food lanes for lip-smacking dishes

MCC building dedicated spots for fast-food joints near Ballal Circle, P&T Quarters in Udayagiri

Mysore/Mysuru: Mysuru, renowned for its long-standing popular eateries, serving unique flavours that have been passed down through generations, is soon to have its own Food Street. However, this Food Street will primarily cater to fast-food vendors who currently operate on roadsides and footpaths in makeshift stalls.

Inspired by the example set by the capital city, Bengaluru, the Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) is in the process of establishing its first-ever Food Streets. These will be located in front of the partially constructed Mayura Complex, near Ballal Circle in Krishnamurthypuram, and at the P&T Quarters in Udayagiri.

Additionally, there is a proposal to build Food Streets at Saraswathipuram and Sarada Vilas College Road in Krishnamurthypuram, adjacent to Seth Mohandas Tulsidas Hospital, off JLB Road.

The primary goal of this concept is to consolidate the various fast-food joints that offer a variety of dishes from modified vehicles scattered throughout the city into one central location. This plan aims to cater to the city’s ever-growing population, which has already surpassed 10 lakh (1 million).

During the princely rule, Mysuru was known for its comprehensive planning, but in recent years, the proliferation of fast-food joints has tarnished its reputation as a well-planned city. Due to the absence of dedicated spots, pushcart vendors and small shops have occupied space according to their discretion, leading to traffic congestion, especially in narrow lanes.

The situation worsened with the increasing number of customers patronising fast-food vendors on the streets and haphazardly parking their vehicles, disrupting smooth traffic flow.

In light of these issues, Food Streets with shelters are being constructed. The one near Ballal Circle is estimated to cost Rs. 50 lakh and will accommodate over 50 vendors. The Udayagiri Food Street is estimated to cost Rs. 96 lakh and will provide space for over 96 vendors. 

To enhance customer comfort, stone benches and tables are being installed, along with amenities such as drinking water, lighting and toilet facilities. The flooring will feature attractive tiles.

Corporator Begum (Pallavi) of Ward 56 (Krishnamurthypuram) remarked, “The fast-food vendors currently operating on roadsides will be relocated and provided space here at the Food Street.”

According to Ward 14 (Satyanagar) Corporator Sawood Khan, the Food Street at Udayagiri will soon be open for public use, with the work expected to be completed within a month.

Once the Food Streets are ready, they will offer a hygienic environment for customers to satisfy their hunger pangs with a lip-smacking menu, creating a delightful and memorable open-eating experience.

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