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G20 Summit: Former PM Manmohan Singh praises India’s Foreign Policy

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has endorsed the Indian Government’s position on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. According to reports while speaking to the Press, the former Prime Minister supported India’s decision to “put its sovereign and economic interests first,” before all else.

Despite immense pressure on India to choose sides, India has done the right thing in putting our country’s sovereign and economic interests first while also appealing for peace, he said.

Speaking about India’s G20 presidency, the former two-time Prime Minister said he was “glad to witness” India hosting the summit during his lifetime. He added that India’s foreign policy has been an important element of India’s governance frame.

Asserting that India’s standing in the world should “rightfully be an issue in domestic politics,” Dr. Singh also called for exercising “restraint in using diplomacy and foreign policy for party or                                       personal politics.”

Responding to the question about India’s strained relationship with China and President Xi Jinping’s decision to skip the G20 summit, Dr. Manmohan Singh termed Xi’s decision as “unfortunate” and hoped that PM Modi would take “all steps necessary to protect India’s territorial and sovereign integrity and defuse bilateral tensions.”

On the challenges ahead for India, the veteran statesman said he is “more optimistic than worried” about the road ahead for India, but cautioned that his optimism is dependent on the nation becoming a         harmonious society.

He said his optimism is contingent on India celebrating its diversity which must be preserved.

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