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Four hi-tech Highway patrol vehicles to watch Ring Road

One surveillance vehicle will be stationed every 10-km, says City Police Commissioner

Mysore/Mysuru: Close on the heels of the Mysuru District Police receiving a set of five Highway patrol vehicles to monitor the National and State Highways that link Mysuru district, the City Police Commissionerate will also get four hi-tech vehicles to exclusively keep an eye on the Outer Ring Road.

The patrol vehicles are expected to reach Mysuru in a week or so and will be used for surveillance of the 42.3 km Ring Road that has turned into a place for overspeeding, crime and illegal activities.

It is an easy getaway road for criminals and anti-social elements to hit the city outskirts after committing a crime. The presence of these Highway patrol vehicles will be a deterrent.

Apart from general surveillance, the patrol vehicles will be used to collect information and pass the same to the Police Control Room at the City Police Commissioner’s Office. It will also be used during riots, clashes, communal riots etc.

It may be recalled here that in 2018, two Toyota Innova vehicles were added to the city Police fleet for patrolling and were equipped with two hi-tech cameras on the top and a screen to see the visuals of the cameras which was linked to the City Police Control Room.

In addition, portable barricades, UPS, a stretcher, two searchlights, a hacksaw, GPS and other equipment that are required for meeting any emergencies were part of the vehicle composition. But these vehicles were subsequently withdrawn from the City Police force. Now a new set of four vehicles are joining the force.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, City Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth said that once the four patrol vehicles arrive in Mysuru, they will be used for Ring Road surveillance. “One vehicle will be stationed every 10 kms and both civil and traffic personnel will be deputed on duty,” he added.

Sources said that the vehicles will be fully customised, fully equipped and fitted with specialised surveillance, communication and monitoring equipment for emergency response on Highways. These first-responder vehicles are designed for patrolling and preventing crime on Highways.

The vehicles will provide an enhanced sense of safety and security to Highway commuters by ensuring smooth traffic flow and managing any impediments due to accidents or other crimes and will feature sophisticated monitoring, control and communication systems.

The new patrolling vehicles will be equipped with pan-tilt-zoom surveillance cameras, pan and tilt searchlights, breath analysers, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, UPS, metallic barricades and a stretcher among other devices.

Asphalting of the Ring Road and glowing night streetlights all along the stretch have made vehicles cross the speed limits and this is resulting in accidents.

“The speed limits will be implemented and like in the city limits, challans and traffic fine notices will be sent to the homes of violators asking them to pay up. The main monitoring station will be the Traffic Automation Command Centre at City Police Commissioner’s Office,” Ramesh added.

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