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Former soldier killed in accident on Expressway

Vehicle catches fire as it explodes due to accident impact

Police attribute accident to rash and negligent driving

Srirangapatna: A horrifying car accident that occurred on the Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway early this morning claimed the life of Kishore Babu, a retired soldier and left four others seriously injured. One of them is in a critical condition. Police have attributed the cause of the accident to reckless driving.

The accident took place at Naguvanahalli near Srirangapatna at approximately 5.30 am today, when their vehicle, a Mahindra XUV, collided with another car, leading to a fiery explosion.

Kishore Babu, aged 45, a native of Anekal near Bengaluru, was among the five occupants travelling in the XUV from Anekal towards Mysuru.

According to the Police and the Fire Service personnel, the accident occurred due to loss of control over the vehicle, followed by a high-impact collision, leading to the explosion. The impact of the accident was such that Kishore Babu’s head was smashed beyond recognition and he lay motionless on the road. Another victim too lay on the road in a critical condition. It is not clear as to who was driving the XUV.

Others who sustained injuries managed to get out of the car before they could be caught in the inferno. The spot resembled a bomb blast site with fire billowing from one of the cars. Local authorities and bystanders rushed to the scene to rescue the victims. The remaining four occupants, who sustained severe injuries, were shifted to K.R. Hospital, Mysuru and Srirangapatna Government Hospital for advanced medical treatment.

The incident has sent shockwaves among the commuters and serves as a grim reminder of the importance of road safety and cautious driving. The vehicle, completely engulfed in flames, was extinguished by firefighters.

The Mandya District Police, including personnel from the Srirangapatna Rural Police Station, have initiated an investigation into the accident. Preliminary reports suggest that a collision was a result of overspeeding.

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