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First S.L. Bhyrappa Sahitya Pratisthana Award presented to critic Prof. L.V. Shantakumari

Mysore/Mysuru: Literary criticism during navodaya times in Kannada literature was inclined to bring out the salient features of a work and also identify its limitations though later it took a different course, said well-known litterateur Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa.

He was speaking at ‘S.L. BhyrappaSahityaPratisthanaPrashasti’ presentation ceremony in Bengaluru recently.

Dr.Bhyrappa said during that period Prof. L.V. Shantakumari started to write criticism on his works paving a new path for literary criticism. “I am thankful to her for that,” he said.

“Prof.Shantakumari, even at this age of 85 years, has sharp mind and has the zeal to write. I am seven years older than her and my writing has stopped, for my memory is becoming weaker by the day. I am finding difficulty even in recalling the names of people around me,” he said.

Dr.Bhyrappa further said that Kannada Department of Mumbai University was doing a commendable job by involving young scholars and other Kannadigas in Mumbai unlike other Universities like Banaras, JNU and Madurai where Kannada Departments were closed down.

Earlier, while studying MA in Kannada in Universities in Karnataka there were many good student-writers. Unfortunately, many current students were not interested in real literary work, he lamented.

On the occasion, he released the book “BhashegalaGadiGeddaBharatiya”, a book on Dr.Bhyrappa brought out by Kannada Department of Mumbai University.

The first PratisthanaPrashasti was awarded to Prof.Shantakumari, a critic and translator par excellence, at Gokhale Institute of Public Affairs, Bengaluru, on Feb. 19, 2023.

Writer and journalist S.R. Ramaswamy presented the award. The annual award, being given to a distinguished writer, translator and a critic, carries Rs. 1 lakh cash and a citation.

In her acceptance speech, Prof.Shantakumari said her father and grandmother motivated in her tender years to read stories, and that made her take up literature seriously throughout her life.

Prof.Shantakumari has enriched the Kannada language through her many-splendoured literary works. Valmiki, Socrates, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Omar Khayyam, the Vachanakaras, D.V. Gundappa, P.T. Narasimhachar, ShivaramKaranth, S.L. Bhyrappa and many other poets and philosophers have been brought alive in her works. She has published lucid translations of the works of noted litterateurs such as Will Durant andPannalal Patel.

Prof.Shantakumari said while reading Dr.Bhyrappa’s novels she could understand his unique writing technique. Every book of Dr.Bhyrappa was a classic and hence she started comparing his scholarly work with that of English novels. Subsequently, she authored ‘Yugasakhsi’ and ‘Pratibhana,’ books that contain insightful analyses of S.L. Bhyrappa’s novels. She also translated Dr.Bhyrappa’s novels such as ‘Gruhabhanga,’ ‘Mandra,’ ‘Sakshi’ and ‘Daatu.’

ShatavadhaniDr. R. Ganesh, Writer SahanaVijaykumar, Sub-Editor of Prekshaa B.N. Shashikiran spoke on Prof.Shantakumari’s literary work. Prof. G.L. Shekar, Hon. Secretary of Pratisthana, welcomed the gathering. Shashank Parashar, writer, proposed a vote of thanks.

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