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Factory employee robbed of Rs. 6 lakh near Bank in Hebbal

Mysore/Mysuru: In a filmy style, a private factory employee was robbed of a cash bag containing Rs. 6,05,797 lakh near the branch of a bank at Hebbal Industrial Area in city yesterday morning while another bag containing Rs. 38.4 lakh cash remained with the victim, much to his relief.

The broad daylight robbery occurred at around 10.15 am, when Tulsidas, an employee of Darasaguppe SSC Private Limited (a packaging factory of groceries and ITC cigarettes, that supplies to retailers) in Hebbal Industrial Area, came to deposit the collection amount to State Bank of India (SBI) branch in the same locality.

Tulsidas got down from the cabin of a goods vehicle driven by another, when a stranger who was waiting next to the compound of the bank building, slowly walked towards him and snatched the bag containing Rs. 6,05,797 from his (Tulsidas) right hand from behind, before throwing chilli powder into his face and fled on a waiting motorbike ridden by another person. Tulsidas was holding another bag in his left hand containing Rs. 38.4 lakh, which was left untouched by the robber.

1. The van in which the victim came to deposit money in SBI. Inside the red circle is the robber in Wait. 2. The robber walking towards the van (inside the red circle). 3. Robber reaches the open door of the van (inside the red circle) while the victim gets down with the bag. 4. The robber making away with the cash bag after sprinkling chilli powder at the victim’s face. 5. A stranger sitting in a car parked in the bank premises notices the robber and gives a chase to the thief. 6. The victim employee seen wiping his eyes
sprinkled with chilli powder.

The driver of Tulsidas made a bid to catch hold of the fleeing robbers but in vain. Another person, who was seated in a car parked inside the compound of the Bank, responding to the screams of Tulsidas, also chased the robbers, but to no avail.

Darasaguppe SSC Private Limited, owned by one Chetan Prasad, has a huge turnover. They deposit the collection amount to the Bank thrice in a day. The handiwork of those having prior information about the routine of the factory cannot be ruled out in the incident.

The incident has been captured on the CCTV cameras of the Bank and the Police are confident of nabbing the accused soon. Vijayanagar Sub-Division ACP H.S. Gajendra Prasad and Metagalli Police Inspector Diwakar visited the spot. A case has been registered under IPC Section 392 (Punishment for robbery).

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