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Extend Mysuru’s air link to Coimbatore via Kochi


Mysuru, known for its numerous air links to cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Hubballi, and Kochi, has greatly benefited its industries and commercial businesses. However, it seems that the Civil Aviation Department has overlooked the need to extend these air connections to the nearby industrial city of Coimbatore.

Coimbatore, already equipped with a fully functional airport, shares a strong business connection with Mysuru in various industries such as hosiery, carpets, motor pumps, and engineering tools.

Moreover, Coimbatore serves as a gateway to the renowned temples of South India, as well as housing significant sugar factories like Bannari Amman Sugars. Additionally, Coimbatore attracts tourists who visit popular destinations such as the Isha Foundation and the Yercaud Hill Station.

Given the abundant potential for business and industry in Coimbatore and its proximity to Mysuru, it is crucial to consider leveraging these resources to foster the development of Mysuru by establishing air connectivity between the two cities.

Furthermore, the introduction of an air route from Mysuru to Coimbatore can be planned in conjunction with the existing air link to Kochi, thereby maximising business opportunities.

Currently, transportation via buses and cars on the Sathyamangalam Ghat Road is restricted during night-time hours (5 pm to 6 am) to protect the nearby forest and its wildlife. This restriction also applies to lorry transport, resulting in delays in cargo deliveries due to the imposed bottlenecks. Even passenger vehicles travelling through this area, which offers a convenient shortcut to destinations like Tirupur, Erode and Coimbatore, face difficulties due to the limitations imposed on their journey time.

The only available train option, the Kochiveli Express, proves to be inconvenient as it takes nearly 12 hours to reach Coimbatore from Mysuru.

Considering these circumstances and with a vision for overall development, I kindly request our MP Pratap Simha, to recommend to the Central Government the establishment of an air link between Mysuru and Coimbatore. It is essential to explore all possibilities for development and facilitate improved connectivity between these two important cities.

– K.V. Ramanath, Srirampura II Stage, 19.5.2023

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