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Road hump near MCC Chief’s house poses danger


Unscientific, faulty-designed and worn-out speed humps present significant risks and have often tragically proven fatal for two-wheeler riders while also potentially causing spinal injuries and exacerbating chronic back pain. The recent incidents on Bogadi Main Road, where three motorists lost their lives due to unscientific road humps, have heightened my awareness and caution when encountering such obstacles.

Today, while navigating the road leading to the MCC Commissioner’s residence in Yadavagiri, I encountered a rubber speed hump installed on the roadway. This particular hump consists of segmented rubber components, with one segment missing at its centre.

Consequently, the bolts and nuts used to secure these segments to the road surface are now exposed, with one bolt visibly bent from the weight of passing heavy vehicles and the remaining bolts dangerously protruding. Over time, the constant traffic passing over these exposed iron bolts could potentially be hazardous to both vehicles and pedestrians. With vehicles passing over the rubber speed humps regularly, the remaining speed hump segments will also come off exposing the iron bolts and nuts.

Considering the prominent location of the MCC Commissioner’s residence along this road, it’s perplexing how the responsible authorities overlooked the danger posed by these exposed bolts till now. It’s conceivable that many MCC officials, including those tasked with maintaining road safety, have traversed on this route without noticing the hazard.

I urge the authorities to promptly address this issue by either repairing the missing segment of the rubber speed bump or removing the exposed bolts altogether. Failure to take action could lead to preventable accidents and injuries.

– A concerned citizen, Mysuru, 11.2.2024

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