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Expedite inauguration of Ashokapuram Railway Station


Of late, the Mysuru City Railway Station has been grappling with challenges in managing the arrival and departure of trains to various destinations. Our MP Pratap Simmha has taken proactive steps to address the situation. He has successfully obtained clearance from the Railway Minister and Railway Board for the expansion of City Station, and the work has begun.

Additionally, the MP has directed officials to expedite the inauguration of Ashokapuram Railway Station. However, it is unfortunate that SWR officials at the headquarters in Hubballi have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to this matter.

The SWR General Managers (GMs) in Hubballi seem to have primarily focused on Hubballi side and shown little interest in improving matters in Mysuru.

Also, there has been a persistent push to permanently close down Mysuru-Chamarajanagar Section by successive GMs, despite the evident need for connectivity in the region.  For instance, while Vishwamanava Express was introduced to alleviate burden on passengers travelling in Chamundi Express, operational inefficiencies have undermined its purpose. The concerns of commuters, despite numerous suggestions, have been disregarded by officials from Bengaluru and Hubballi.

The inauguration of expanded Ashokapuram Railway Station, developed to address growing needs of the region, has been inexplicably delayed. This neglectful attitude threatens to hinder the progress of Mysuru.

The General Manager of the South Western Railway must take immediate action to inaugurate the expanded Station and alleviate the transportation challenges faced by the people of Mysuru, particularly those commuting from the southern parts of the city.

We urge MP Pratap Simmha to engage with the concerned Ministry to expedite the clearance for the inauguration of the Ashokapuram Railway Station.

– B. Shekar, Mysuru, 7.2.2024

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