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Excel in Natl. Karate Championship

The students of PKD (Prajwal Karate Dojo), practicing IMSKA Karate under Style Chief Kyoshi N.G. Sivdas, excelled in the VSK Open National Karate Championship held in city recently. Seen are (standing from left – front row) Abia – Gold in Kata and Kumite, Manyasri Sarvani – Silver in Kata, Zyle – Gold in Kata, Aganya – Silver in Kumite & Gold in Kata, Samartha – Silver in Kata, Sanvi – Silver in Kata, Dhruv – Gold in Kata, Risheshwar – Gold in Kumite & Bronze in Kata and Hithesh – Silver in Kata; (standing from left – back row) Hayagreev – Bronze in Kata, Sana – Gold in Kumite, Kashvi – Silver in Kata, Anvesha – Bronze in Kata, Sensei Prajwal – Chief Instructor at PKD, Manoj – Bronze in Kata, Aaban – Bronze in Kata, Swathi – Silver in Kumite, Manya Vedi – Gold in Kata & Silver in Kumite, Kanishka – Gold in Kata and Kumite (not in picture) and Karthikeyan – Gold in Kata (not in picture).

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